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About Us

ICROBOT, INC is an organization providing coding and robotics education to children aged 3-8. As a branch of "I Create Robot," a company with 14-year experiences in coding and robotics education and technology, ICROBOT has a strong foundation in research and development in technical devices/tools and coding and robotics curriculum. Our program integrates LEGO blocks/bricks, multiple patented coding and robotics sets, and a variety of fun learning activities in different themes.
ICROBOT aims to provide age-appropriate coding and robotics educational programs to children in an engaging and enriching environment with professional and supportive teachers and coaches. At our classes, we provide a variety of activities to engage children in observation, communication, logical thinking, problem-solving, and individual/team work, aiming to facilitate children's social emotional development.

We Develop

The Research and Development (R&D) Center at I Create Robot has developed many patented educational tools and devices for our coding and robotics educational programs. These products include ICBlocks, ICBricks, ICrobot, ICpad, Switch box etc. These tools can be perfectly integrated with LEGO blocks or Scratch in our classes. In addition, the R&D center also develops and improves curriculum for children of different ages. 

We Practice, Evaluate, and Improve

All tools/devices and curriculum have been practiced, evaluated, and improved through experimental classes before being included in our program. We are committed to improving the quality of our program and students’ learning experience at ICROBOT. We also conduct program evaluation research to identify strengths and inform the improvement of our program. 


Children Play, Learn, and Grow

We believe that children learn and grow in play. Our program provides engaging and enriching activities for children of different ages to learn Coding, Robotics, and STEM knowledge and skills. Kids also grow in problem solving, communication, confidence, team work, logical thinking skills. We value each child's potential and we want every child to grow and have fun at ICROBOT!

 Our Team

ICROBOT has a committed professional teaching team who are passionate about education and child development. The teachers are well trained in child education and coding and robotics, with advanced degrees in related fields. Mandatory training in curriculum design, teaching philosophy, strategies, and practices will be provided to all the instructors prior to the program. The instructors’ performances are regularly evaluated to ensure high-quality teaching standards. 

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