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COVID Policy

Keeping our teachers and students safe! 

Before our community returns to “normal”, ICROBOT will maintain a safe environment to welcome our students for our in-person programs. As we have throughout Summer in 2021, ICROBOT will have a SAFETY-FIRST approach to keeping each other safe during these times, especially high-risk populations, children and those who cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccination. We have trusted our teachers, students, and families, and all of us have demonstrated our willingness to follow protocols that protect each others’ health and safety.



Although face-coverings in indoor settings are optional for vaccinated individuals according to some health guidelines, ICROBOT administers a more strict Safety Policy to keep our teachers, students, and families safe and healthy. Accordingly, mask-wearing and physical distancing for everyone inside our facilities are required. 



ICROBOT will use the following additional processes to make sure that our classrooms and materials are clean and sanitized for students to learn and play. 

  • Contact-free check-in/out. Parents scan our QR code on APP to check in/out their children. We also take temperatures and do hand sanitization at check-ins

  • No sharing materials. We provide blocks and materials in individual boxes for students.

Sanitized classroom and materials. All classroom materials, including tables, chairs, and educational tools (e.g., blocks) will be sanitized between classes.

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